Does Losing Weight Make You Taller?

Many people lose weight and notice a difference in height, however does losing weight really make you taller in 2018? The answer is not as black and white as it may seem. Results vary from person to person, obviously. However, some people who lose weight actually do gain height but it is usually not in the way that you would think. Let us dive deeper into the subject of losing weight and height.

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Losing a Few Pounds

If you are only losing a few pounds it is not going to make a difference in your height. If you are not that overweight and are going to lose five pounds you will not notice a difference. However, the exercises you put into losing weight might make a difference. When you exercise regularly you will notice a difference in height. However, you are not growing taller. Exercising improves posture, especially if it is done in the right way. Improved posture can make a height difference in anyone. Slouching can actually make you look shorter and heavier. When you lose the weight and stand straight you could look noticeably taller.

If you are clinically obese you will notice more results because when you lose weight you are gaining height in more ways than one.

According to Science

A study conducted by Israeli Neurosurgeon Zvi Lidar and his colleagues shows that there is evidence of height gains after losing a significant amount of weight. This was published in 2012. This study was intended to observe and document the inter vertebral disc height after significant weight reduction in those who are morbidly obese.

It was noted that those who had lost a significant amount of weight had disc height restoration. This was significant in many patients. Many patients had an increase of about two millimeters in just one inter vertebral disk. This was between the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae. Keep in mind that there are many disks that could restore themselves after weight loss.

However, most of the height that you are going to gain even if you are morbidly obese is going to be because you are improving your posture. With less weight to carry around posture generally improves. With an improved posture many people notice that they may seem taller. This is also great because bad posture can cause back problems as well as spinal problems. So, even if you are not looking to improve posture, you will with weight loss.

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Other Benefits

Even if you do not lose enough weight to gain height back there are a significant amount of health benefits to losing a modest amount of weight. Even a weight loss of five to ten percent is enough to provide benefits. With a five to ten percent weight loss you will be able to control your blood sugars better. You will even notice a decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Research also has shown us that you may even increase your longevity too. So, in a sense, losing a decent amount of weight could mean basically taking control back of your life and living longer.

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