Does Mustard Help with Burns?

All of us have suffered from burns before and wonder what around the house could help, lately people have been asking does mustard help with burns in 2018? The simple answer is yes, mustard will help with burns. However, mustard is not going to help with severe burns. Mustard should only be used on mild burns to help with pain and relief. If you have severe burns you should seek medical attention. You should also keep in mind that the remedy is for yellow mustard only. No other mustards have been used to help burns.

How to Treat a Burn with Mustard

First, you are going to want to put the burned part of your body under cold running water. This will actually help relieve some of the pain right away. Not only will it help with pain, it will also help stop the progression of the burn as well. Next, you are going to want to spread a thick layer of yellow mustard over the area. You will notice that the pain should alleviate almost instantly.

More about Mustard and Burns

Mustard has been said to have healing powers. Some reports even see yellow mustard as having a five-star tip in the home remedy section.

A reader has recently posted their story about using mustard for a burn. Don’t believe us, take a look at a personal story. This person has accidently grabbed a metal handle of a pot right out of the oven. First, the reader said that they had tried pouring soy sauce over the burn with no relief. Then, he grabbed a gel ice pack but the pain persisted. After the person was online and stumbled upon the yellow mustard burn remedy. He then put yellow mustard on the painful burn and felt immediate pain relief. He also reported that by the time he went to bed the pain was gone and there was only a slight discoloration compared to how red it was before. And get this, the next morning he reported no discoloration, blisters, and no pain!

Here are some others who have used yellow mustard as a burn relief remedy. Let us see how it worked for them.

  • This person is a chef and states that they have been using yellow mustard for years to help burns that happen in the kitchen.
  • Another person claims that within an hour of washing off the yellow mustard the burning sensation was gone and there were barely any red marks left on their skin.
  • Another said, if they had not tried it, they would have never believed it to work.

Now, we know that it seems a little crazy to put yellow mustard on a burn. However, if you try it, you will have a hard time denying the effectiveness. So, next time you experience a kitchen mishap and end up with a painful burn, simply open the fridge and slather yellow mustard on it. However, keep in mind that all severe burns should be seen by a medical professional.