Does Progesterone Make You Gain Weight?

Are you worried about does progesterone make you gain weight? If you are taking progesterone, then it would be a major concern if it is going to have a direct impact on your BMI. Progesterone is the drug that is mostly consumed by women than men. It is consumed mainly to treat the irregular periods and to prevent the endometrial conditions. Weight gain is one of the issues that people face with the intake of progesterone. Weight gain is not the direct side effect associated with the drug. Progesterone can lead to weakness, fatigue, depression and an increase in appetite. It is these primary side effects that can make the individual overeat and also find it very hard to work out. This can gradually make the individual face swelling, bloating and weight gain.

Uses of Progesterone

Progesterone is prescribed mainly for the hormone replacement therapy in the women who have undergone menopause or the ones who have irregular periods. This drug along with other hormones are consumed for preventing the endometrial hyperplasia among the people who are undergoing menopause. Women go through maximum weight gain during the period of menopause.


Progesterone is prescribed for treating the menopause symptoms. The recent researchers have found that the HRT has more risks than the advantages. The women who have undergone HRT are more prone to develop stroke, blood clots, breast cancer, and heart disease. It is indeed an alarming sign to stay away from HRT and is advised only if the condition is really worst.


As HRT is found to have risks that outweigh its benefits, doctors and also patients are being very cautious with HRT. Exercise and the diet changes are found the alternates for HRT without many risks. Exercise also has the advantage of reducing weight and keeping away from stress, depression, and anxiety. These emotional conditions are always the hardest for any women in menopause to deal with.

Progesterone Indications

Doctors prescribe progesterone for the post-menopausal women for HRT for easing uncomfortable symptoms like hot flashes and also to prevent certain diseases. It is also the drug that is prescribed for the women who have irregular periods. Men are also prescribed with progesterone for preventing certain kind of cancers, osteoporosis, and pattern balding.

Alcohol & Progesterone

Alcohol consumption is one factor which can reduce the level of progesterone in women. Alcohol consumption in large amounts can lead to fertility problems and disruptions in the menstrual cycle. Moderate amount of alcohol consumption delays the menopause.

How to Consume Progesterone?

It is good to choose those progesterone products which does not go through the digestive system. The progesterone gels or creams are preferred over the oral consumption. It is good to take progesterone when it is naturally high in the body during the menstrual cycle. Progesterone that is bio-identical only should be consumed. Consume progesterone only for the amount that is required to satisfy the need of your body.

Progesterone should be consumed with great care and under the supervision of the doctor so that the side effects can also be handled properly.