Does Roomba 805 Have Wi-Fi?

Although there are newer and more sophisticated iRobots out there, Roomba 805 sticks as the predetermined one to get when deciding for one. Does Roomba 805 have Wi-Fi? For those wondering if you can use your Roomba 805 with an app through your phone, the answer, sadly, is no. If you are looking for an iRobot compatible with Wi-Fi control, this model is not for you. Considering that Roomba 805 is quite the old model compared to new ones, the fact that it does not have Wi-Fi app to manage is reasonable. Still, Roomba 805 has a lot of features and it’s claimed as one of the best standard models out there.

But firstly, what’s Roomba 805? It’s something we know as an iRobot, similar to Smartphones, they could be described as… Smart vacuums. They work autonomously, cleaning your house on their own while tracking your house’s structure.

If you are looking for a Roomba robot compatible with Wi-Fi, maybe Roomba 690 is the one for you.

Having access to an app for your Roomba brings a lot of features such as controlling your robot with your phone, cleaning schedules, monitor its cleaning activities and history, and of course, maintenance and tutorial videos within the app.

It also works wonders since you can use it with apps such as Alexa, which allows you to control it using your voice!

With this said, they both work in a pretty similar way, and Roomba 805 is well known for being one of the quietest, soundless vacuums out there.

Roomba 805 features:

  • It uses sensors to navigate around your house, deciding paths and adapting to your house the more it cleans.
  • It won’t get tangled by hair or debris thanks to its filters. It also gets rid of pollen, allergens and particles.
  • You can schedule constant cleaning.
  • It can clean multiple types of floor such as hardwood, carpets, tiles and laminated.
  • It lasts up to 60 minutes, and takes 120 to fully recharge.

Going for a Roomba 805 is actually a good idea if you don’t want many complicated features, but, here’s the trick: its prize is far higher than newer iRobots. If you check that in several online stores, you’ll notice that Roomba’s 805 prize goes up to $300 when you can get Roomba 690 for cheaper, costing around 220$

Also, other iRobots last longer and require less charging time. Some new iRobots can clean for about 120 minutes while Roomba 805 can only go for half the amount of time.

It also does not feature Wi-Fi control, so you have on take in mind that you won’t be able to manage it using your smartphone.

Many people like this model because of its simplicity. The simple something is, the easier to use, or so they say. Still, if you are comfortable with technology or want to try something a bit more sophisticated, we recommend you to try other models and research which one fits your needs the most. Newer models have more features and tend to be cheaper, so it all comes down to what you want to choose.