Does Skipping Increase Height After 18, 21, 25?

Some people just want to increase their height, even if just a little. There are several ways of doing it but there’s one that’s pretty famous among people: Skipping. But, does skipping increase height after 18, 21, 25? The answer is yes! But a high amount of effort and discipline is needed for it to bring results.

Height gaining is considerably harder than losing or gaining weight. The reason is that weight can be controlled with exercises, diet and healthy customs when eating. Height differs a lot from weight because, even when sharing some similarities, the factors that determine your height are highly chained to our genes and family, and changing this is way harder due to the amount of effort you have to make and the results brought from it.

Some factors that determine our height are the following:

  • Genes and hereditary aspects.
  • Our life style and health conditions.
  • Usual body posture.
  • Whether we exercise or not.

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Skipping is one of those exercises that can’t bring results and perhaps change or height, even if a little bit, but it will only work if you put effort on it, and make some changes in your life.

But first, let’s explain how skipping works in our body.

First of all, skipping is a fast-paced exercise that makes our blood pump faster. That increases the blood flow in our bodies, improving the functionality of our muscles. At the same time, since we are stretching our body while bending our legs, we are actually stretching the muscle itself, increasing their elasticity as they stretch.

Also, when skipping, having the back and spine vertically erect is a must. It brings results to both your spine and back muscles. Due to the constant bending of your knees, even the calf muscles start to stretch in a vertical way.

Apparently, it also increases the mass of your bones, even if just a little.

But, in order for this to work properly we have to create a routine. We have to take things seriously and bring discipline to our lives. If not, we are just going to waste time without any results.

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As thus, we explain:

How much skipping to become taller?

If you want to become taller through skipping, you will need to do it on a daily basis. Yes. Everyday you’ll have to do skipping. Not only that, but increasing the amount of skipping you’ll do through each day until a plain amount. Meaning that you’ll probably start doing 50 skips in the first day, then 75, 100, and increase that amount until you feel comfortable enough with doing 300 skips per day.

It is important to not force your body into it too much. Be cautious of your heart rate as you skip and make sure that it’s not overly high. Also, remember to keep yourself hydrated before and after doing it. Make sure not to drink any liquid while you do it or right after you finished, since it can be quite dangerous to your body.

And remember: this is a slow, steady process. Expect some results after six months of constant training. Constantly. Everyday.

We wish you the best of lucks!

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