Does Swimming Increase Height?

Swimming is an incredible thing to do. The benefits it can bring are considerably positive to one’s body, but does swimming increase height? The short answer is: Yes, it does increase height by a fair amount, but it depends heavily on each individual, like most exercises related to increasing your height. How much can you increase your height and how much time will it take will depend on two things: Your body, and the regimen you decide to go for. The number of inches gained will also vary, but some have claimed that they indeed increased their height by a good 3 inches!

How can swimming help you?

Swimming is considered one of the best sports to practice due to the incredible amount of benefits to not only your muscles and height, but your internal organs as well. Working out inside water has been proved to help with internal organs as much as improving your breathing, blood flow and your bone’s strength and grow ratio.

The way it increases your height is related to your spine, shoulders, bones and muscles. By lengthening the spine due to the constant movement inside water, strengthening your muscles and increasing their elasticity, improving growth hormone in your body and also the posture in which you swim, all of it helps to increase your body’s height.

Not only that, but the blood flow also helps during this process. But there are some ways in which swimming becomes more effective, and these practices are:

  • Starting while younger: if you start swimming while being young, the benefits from it will be greatly larger than if you start at a later age. Still, this doesn’t mean you won’t get any benefits from it at an older age!
  • Stretching during 10 minutes before swimming also helps (a lot) to improve its positive effects.
  • If you start swimming, make sure to eat well. Swimming burns a lot of calories! It also increases your appetite, making you eat a little more, but this doesn’t mean you’ll be gaining weight. In fact, if you are slim, you’ll probably eat some weight due to your body shaping itself to become firmer and stronger, so it won’t be a bad thing! If you feel like you need to lose weight, you’ll probably be losing that extra fat in your body too! Swimming is known for balancing the weight and fat in your body, that’s why most swimmers have slim bodies and thinner waists.

Take in mind that swimming is not meant to bring positive results regarding your height. It helps, but its better done along some other activities. Stretching is one thing, but maybe doing yoga, skipping, cycling and other exercises related to height growth will make the perfect combo!

Also, in order to rejoice yourself with some extra inches you need to be consistent. This is not a process which will bring results from night to day. This is a process which requires both discipline and effort. But no worries! The moment you start swimming in a regular basis you will feel more energized and active (just like working out) and you will probably want to keep on swimming thanks to all the benefits your body will be receiving from it!