Does Testosterone Cause Acne?

Many people don’t know how Testosterone and Acne are related, and believe me, they are really related. So, the answer to the question: Does Testosterone cause Acne? Is yes, it does cause acne, also known as hormonal acne, in both men and women. But how does it cause acne and why? We will explain now.

Acne can be caused by plenty of factors, such as diet, genetic, skin care habits and hormones. For adults and teenagers, hormonal fluctuations can cause severe acne problems. The severity of the acne depends heavily on each individual, though, yet considering hormones as one of the main factors behind acne is a must.

Testosterone is one of the most known sexual hormones and is more present in men, yet women also have it. Testosterone is considered an Androgen, a sexual hormone, and it can play a key part in causing acne.

First, let’s talk a bit about how acne works. Acne is caused by clogged pores. Clogged pores appear when sebaceous glands, the ones which segregate natural oil in our face, increases their production of oil in excessive levels. This increasement in oil productions, along dirt and dead skin cells, obstruct the pores, creating trapped oil which then turns into sebum. This sebum then becomes the food of a bacteria known for being naturally found in our skin, then infection pops out. The redness around acne is the response of our body trying to get rid of this infection, since it sends chemicals to get rid of the bacteria which bounce back to the skin due how the bacteria defends itself, turning it red.

Testosterone, along other hormones, work together. Balanced levels of Testosterone and hormones tend to be unharmful to our skin’s health, yet when teenagers reach puberty, these hormones reach peak levels, increasing thus Testosterone levels. This increases how much oil our sebaceous glands produce, thus increasing the risk of acne.

In several adults, hormones fluctuation can occur, too. This leads to acne, and the acne produced by hormonal fluctuations tends to be way more severe than regular acne. In fact, there are acne related vitamins which reduce how much oil our sebaceous glands produce, thus reducing the likelihood of suffering from acne.

Women and Acne.

In women, acne breakouts before the period are regular. This is due the fact that hormones tend to imbalance when women have symptoms of menstruations, thus acne becomes regular. For many, this is something pretty normal and regular.

Also, many women having a self-induced hormonal imbalance can suffer from acne. This can be caused by birth-control pills and IUD, or Intra Uterine Devices. More than 14% of the women under IUD suffer from acne problems along increase in weight, stress, depression and other symptoms.


Some natural supplements can cause acne due an increasement in Testosterone levels. Remember that this is caused when Testosterone levels reach imbalanced levels, since it works along other hormones and there must be a balance between them. Acne can be a symptom alarming the patient, and actions should be taken if acne is severe and regular.