Does Testosterone Make You Sterile?

Low Testosterone level and Erectile Dysfunction can be somewhat related. Also, our sexual health and libido are heavily related to our Testosterone levels. But what about fertility? Does Testosterone make you sterile? When it comes to natural Testosterone, Testosterone does not reduce your fertility. But, according to urologist and researchers out there, Testosterone supplementation and an excessive increasement in Testosterone levels can be incredibly harmful to your fertility. But why? We’ll answer the question right away.

Firstly, you have to consider that Testosterone is the principal sexual hormone in men. It brings several benefits when it comes to our body, such as an increasement in muscle gain, protein synthesis, energy, endurance and other things such as hair growth. It also indirectly increases other hormones and works along other hormones to improve our overall health.

But what we should focus right now is the fact that Testosterone does increase our sexual drive. In men, it is usually common to find themselves thinking more about sexual activities when their Testosterone increases. It also can help with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and improve the way our genitals work. But… When it comes to fertility, changes in our Testosterone levels may bring unwanted side effects.

Reduction of sperm count.

According to statistics, men seeking out help for having fertility problems usually had begun a Testosterone supplementation process. Not only this, but those under TRT or Testosterone Replacement Therapy suffered from the same thing: low sperm count.

That’s right: Testosterone supplementation and TRT, although it increases sexual health and libido, can drastically reduce sperm count in men.

Don’t get us wrong. Testosterone is awesome for men: It increases fat burn, improves how our bodies synthesis proteins, carbs and fats, increases how we gain muscle, our muscle strength and endurance. It also works as a natural antidepressant, improves our mood, makes us feel more energetic and improves our performance while doing training or exercises. It brings a lot of benefits, but when you take Testosterone supplementation, your fertility will heavily decrease.

But take this in mind: It won’t make you sterile! According to statistics, men whom stopped their Testosterone supplementation had their sperm count rises along time. Meaning that as long as you reduce your Testosterone supplementation, you will be okay. In fact, Testosterone supplementation is being studied as a possible birth control method since 90% of men under this supplement have their sperm counts dropping near zero. It also heavily depends on the supplement, since they all work differently.

Something to consider is that some Testosterone supplements can bring harmful side effects such as enlargement on the prostate, increasing thus the risk of suffering from prostate cancer.

Why does your sperm counts go down?

Sperm count and Testosterone are heavily related since your brain. Testosterone decides how high is your sperm count. How much Testosterone is released into the body is decided by the brain, and a special hormone known as GnRH (Or gonadotropin-releasing hormones), which signal the testes into producing more testosterone. This creates a loop in where your testes increases Testosterone and sperm count, loop which is interrupted by increasing your testosterone from TRT and Testosterone supplements.