Does Testosterone Make You Taller?

Everyone wants to be tall. That’s a fact. Most men would like to have more inches in their height, yet, is there a way to increase our height? Exercises, a magical pill? Perhaps hormones? For those wondering: Does Testosterone make you taller? Sadly, if you already achieved adulthood, the answer is no: Testosterone can’t make you taller. In fact, although there are certain ways to increase your height, like stretching regimes and some exercises, you won’t get as much as you’d like from it. When your bones have already stopped their lengthening process, there’s nothing you can’t do. This usually happens during puberty, meaning that once you reach adulthood, you won’t be able to change your height as much as you would like to.

Still, Testosterone brings lots of benefits when it comes to our body composition, health and energy levels. If you feel that you want to make some nice changes and become someone better, perhaps this post is for you. You may end up looking a little taller, and way healthier, if you decided to make some life-style changes and boost your Testosterone levels to increase your performance in life.

In fact, as a man who constantly do stretching and exercises on a daily basis, I feel way more active than I’ve ever felt. People tell me I look better and more focused, and I do feel like my efforts are paying off.

The magic behind Testosterone.

During our puberty, our Testosterone reach peak levels. This hormonal imbalance causes certain side-effects such as hair growth, voice deepening and acne. Testosterone is also indirectly related to how our body grows, since Testosterone and a hormone known as HGH (or Human Growing Hormone). Along genetics, diet and hormones decides our height, HGH plays a key role during our development process, and this hormone works in synergy with Testosterone, along other hormones, to work properly.

Testosterone also enhances our body’s muscle-gaining capabilities. It makes us feel better, more focuses, energized and improves our mood, reducing our overall feelings of depression (since it works as a natural anti-depressant)

Testosterone won’t increase your height if you have already reached adulthood. This is due the fact that bones can only growth during puberty and won’t grow any longer after their lengthening process has finished. You can still increase some inches while doing exercises regimes, but this increasement in height is not permanent in most cases.

Now, what can Testosterone do for you? As an adult, Testosterone brings lots of benefits. As mentioned above, it enhances our body’s capability to develop muscle strength and muscle mass. It improves how we absorb protein, carbs and fats, and improves how we burn fats. It also boosts our sexual drive and improves our sexual health. It can help us achieve better sleep and maintain ourselves more energized during the day. And, of course, this all comes with lots of self-confidence and will power.

Be aware though: you can’t take Testosterone supplements during puberty. Testosterone supplements target people who have already reached adulthood, since it can bring harmful side-effects to youngsters.