Does Testosterone Make Your Voice Deeper?

For those wanting to enjoy a deeper voice, wondering whether there are ways to make it deeper is something that pops in the mind from time to time. Does Testosterone make your voice deeper? This is a question that many have asked since Testosterone is well known for being the main male sexual hormone. It does not only bring benefits to your health and performance for athletes, but also increases virility in men, increasing hair growth and deepening their voices, but… The answer to the question may not be what people want to hear.

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How deep our voice is, is decided by our puberty. During puberty, our Testosterone levels are somewhat in its peak, resulting in acne, height changes, hair growth and many other things. And during puberty, for men, voice is decided. When how deep our voice can be is set, this cannot be changed by increasing our Testosterone in adulthood. This is different for women since they can somewhat change how deep their voices are with Testosterone supplementation as a side effect, along other side effects which can be unwanted for many women.

Thus, the answer is no. Also, consider that taking Testosterone supplements during puberty is not recommended. Testosterone supplements are only to be consumed by people who have reached adulthood, since they have their Testosterone balanced out and its consumption will not bring harmful side effects.

When it comes to women under Testosterone supplementation, some side effects may include:

  • Menstrual cycle irregularities, or even absence of periods.
  • Increased hair growth and excess body hair.
  • Sudden hormonal acne.
  • Enlargement of the clitoris.
  • Increased muscle mass.
  • Some changes in the shape of the body.

For women, increasing Testosterone levels can be done naturally and won’t trigger unwanted side effects. These recommendations can be enjoyed by men, too:

  • Increasing protein, carbs and healthy fats intake can increase Testosterone levels.
  • Reducing stress and stressful situations.
  • Improving your rest and sleep.
  • Doing more exercises and weight lifting.
  • Reducing your alcohol intake.

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If you want to make your voice deeper…

If you are a man wanting to sound manlier, there are ways to do it, but there’s something you have to consider: if your voice is far from sounding deep, you may want to take things easily and not blame yourself. You are literally working against nature and your own body, since how deep your voice is is decided by how long and thick your vocal cords are. This is all decided during puberty, so wanting to change this during your adulthood is somewhat impossible.

Also, artificially trying to sound manlier can be harmful and damage your vocal cords, so it is not recommended.

Still, according to people online, you can still improve how manly your voice is by doing breathing exercises, like breathing from the diaphragm.

When your breath and both your chest and shoulders rise, this means your breathing from your chest. This type of breath tends to be weaker and it actually squeezes your throat, causing your voice to sound a little different than it should sound.

When you learn how to breath from the diaphragms, your voice will have more power and sound louder than normal. For many, this may be the key to sound manlier.

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