Does Toothpaste Help with Spots?

We all know the feeling with waking up with a volcano of a pimple on our face and wonder does toothpaste help with spots in 2018? Yes, toothpaste will help with spots but it is not recommended as an acne cleanser alternative. This is because if you use toothpaste regularly on your skin your skin will start to dry out and result in patchy looking skin. Toothpaste should only be used as an emergency treatment.

Why Toothpaste Works

The reason toothpaste is effective at helping spots is because it has anti-bacterial properties as well as cleaning properties and its ability to absorb oils. However, you need to keep in mind that toothpaste has been developed to treat the hard enamel of a tooth’s surface.

Toothpaste is very effective for treating individual spots that may appear and it will reduce the appearance of the spot. The cleansing and absorption properties of the toothpaste will ultimately reduce the size of the spot. The anti-bacterial properties will make a difference in the inflammation and redness that will surround the spot.

How to Use Toothpaste for Spots

To use toothpaste for a spot you will want to clean your skin with a gentle facial cleanser. After you have cleaned your face, you will simply apply a small amount of toothpaste directly onto the spot. You will want to use a small blob of toothpaste. You are going to want to avoid the surrounding skin and to do this you may want to use a small cotton bud or a Q-tip. If it is the first time you have used toothpaste you will want to clean the paste off with warm water after about twenty to thirty minutes. You will want to check for irritation at this time. If you are okay with irritation you can apply the treatment again and leave it on for a couple of hours or even overnight. However, if you are showing signs of irritated skin you should not leave it on longer or continue to use it again.


Toothpaste is for teeth and should not be used regularly to fight breakouts. If you use toothpaste regularly on your skin you will start to notice patches of dry skin. This is why when you use toothpaste you are avoiding the surrounding area of skin. You should never use toothpaste on your whole face. This will cause a dry appearance of the face and even can stimulate the production of sebum. Sebum is the lubricating oils that are essential for the soft youthful looking skin. However, if you have excess sebum you will actually have more spots.

Keep in mind that if you are treating spots after they have erupted you are only treating symptoms. You are not getting to the cause or even making any attempt to prevent future breakouts.

Bad Acne

If you suffer from severe acne you are going to need more than just at home remedies to help. You will want to find an acne cleanser that starts fighting the acne bacteria before it causes breakouts.