Does Vaping Show Up On a Drug Test?

Given how big vaping has become worldwide, it’s only fair for those who vape to wonder and ask, “does vaping show up on a drug test?”

Unfortunately, answering that question isn’t as simple as a yes or no. After all, vaping has become so diversified that people vape different things all the type. Some prefer nicotine-based flavors, while others have THC and CBD based ones and then there are those use zero-nicotine vape juice and only vape as a way to help them curb their smoking addiction.

Having said that, we’ll try to answer whether or not vape will show up in a drug test by taking a look at the different substances that people vape.

The Three Most Common Vape Substances

1. THC

THC is a chemical compound that has psychedelic effects to users. It is commonly associated with marijuana. It is a common alternative to actually smoking marijuana for people who want to get high just enough to get their “fix”, or so to speak.

This is the kind of vape substances that will always trigger positives and show up on drug tests because the substance can stay in your urine for as long as 77 days. Although it is possible for the substance to pass through your system in just 3 days if you only vape a small amount of THC.

If you’re about to have your urine tested in a couple of days, you can try detoxing your body to flush out THC. A common method many resorts to is to consume extra detox drinks and up their intake of B vitamins.

2. CBD

Although similarly associated to marijuana like THC, CBD is much harder to detect. This is because most drug tests screen for THC-COOH and other related compounds. However, there is a chance that CBD will turn into THC-COOH once inside your body and show up on a drug test. Luckily, this is preventable. This is because this will only happen if you consume too much CBD. If you limit the CBD you use when vaping, it’s highly unlikely that CBD will trigger a positive.

3. Nicotine

Unlike THC or CBD that doesn’t last that long in your blood stream and in your routine, nicotine actually lasts for a long time. In fact, detectable amounts of nicotine can remain in your bloodstream for up to 5 days after you stop vaping nicotine-based flavors or smoking. Additionally, nicotine can take as long as three weeks to pass through your body as urine and be completely undetectable.

If you have a drug test coming up in a week, you might want to make sure that you switch to vaping nicotine-free juice for the meantime so you have a better chance of passing the test clean.

As you can see, when it comes to vaping and drug tests, it all depends on the type of substance that you’re vaping. But, regardless, if you want to pass a drug test, a common alternative is to temporarily use a clean juice when vaping for at least a week to decrease the possibility of the drug test showing a positive.