Does Vitamin B Help with Weight Loss?

Vitamins play an important role in overall health. Some vitamins are claimed to help with weight loss, including Vitamin B, but does Vitamin B help with weight loss? Vitamin B, more specifically, Vitamin B12, has been, recently, linked to energy boosts and weight loss. But is this true? The answer is yet to be scientifically proven but adding more Vitamin B12 can bring lots of benefits and may help with weight loss in the long term.

Vitamin B12 plays an important role when it comes to converting fats and proteins in energy to better improve our body’s performance. It also aids breaking down carbs and improves DNA synthesis and the production of red blood cells.

Vitamin B12 is also necessary in our body since, if you lack the recommended levels of Vitamin B12, you may suffer from anemia.

Now, some people claim that the assumption that Vitamin B12 does help with weight loss is due the fact that it has helped people suffering from anemia and it does not bring the desired results in people with regular levels of Vitamin B12, yet some claim that, due the energy boost received from Vitamin B12 along the improvement when it comes to convert fats and proteins into energy helps losing weight in the long term run.

These two claims are yet to be proved, but still, understanding how Vitamin B12 works can give you a better insight on whether it works or not.

How to get naturally get Vitamin B12.

Diet is an important part of losing weight. In fact, nutritionists ensure that diet and exercises are the best ways to lose weight since a good diet with reduced calories and being more active is the key to lose more weight and burn down those extra pounds you want to get rid of.

If you want to increase the amount of Vitamin B12 in your metabolism, you’ll have to add new foods to your diet, including:

  • Eggs
  • Meat and poultry
  • Shellfish
  • Milk
  • Fortified cereals

You can also take Vitamin B12 supplements which can work just fine when it comes to increasing your Vitamin B12 levels.

Yet, remember that just increasing your Vitamin B12 intake won’t make you lose weight alone. It doesn’t work as a magical trump card, and people around the world is very aware of this. In order to start burning those extra pounds you have to make some life-style changes such as diet and exercises.

The key to reduce your weight is taking note on what and how much you eat, how much calories are consuming and how physically active you are. Being more physically active will definitely be wiser if you want to burn more calories.

Along Vitamin B12 supplementation, you can add other stuff which helps with weight loss and start an exercises routine: walking, jogging, doing yoga or exercising daily for about 10 minutes will definitely make you lose weight.

Remember that each individual works differently and depending on several factors, the way you burn calories will be decided. Things like your weight, diet, health and effort, so don’t get discouraged by it and keep on trying!