Does Western Union Exchange Currency?

If you have ever had the need to send money to another country, and you wondered: Does Western Union exchange currency? Well, the answer is yes! Western Union is a perfect alternative to send money to several countries around the world. Not only that, but you can check the exchange rate in several sites online. In this article we are going to answer any question you may have about sending money to foreign countries via Western Union, and provide you with some websites to check the exchanging rates for several currencies.

What countries can enjoy this service?

As surprising as this can be, Western Union is able to send money to more than 200 countries around the world! Not only that, but the money you send to a foreign country will be available after 10 minutes of completing the process! Of course, this will depend on the service you choose to use.

Surprisingly enough, Western Union moves a lot of money by each year, and a lot of people use their services. You can be reassured as this company has more than 120 years in the industry.

How do I send money with Western Union?

Sending money with Western Union is quite simple.

You have two options: Visiting one of their establishments and follow their instructions to send money with a deposit, or use their online service, which is cheaper and faster.

Here are the steps you have to follow in order to make international transfers using their online service:

  • First, you must enter their website:
  • Register with no cost to enjoy their services. Make sure to follow step by step.
  • Payments can be done with: Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Electron and Delta.

Something you have to know is that they have a service called Money in Minutes, which converts any transference done with their online service in real cash. To use this service, you will require the following information:

  • Name of the person who will receive the money.
  • The country and the city where the money will be collected

You can also send the money directly to a bank account, but you will need:

  • Name of the receiver
  • Name of the bank
  • The country where you are sending the money to
  • The bank’s code
  • The branch’s code
  • And the account’s number.

But beware!

If you want to send money via Western Union, you have to know that there will be fees to pay. The first one is related to the transaction fee, and the second one is directly related to the country you are sending money to.

These fees may vary depending on the day, since they change on a daily basis according to several things, such as the rates of each country in particular, so we recommend you to check them up beforehand!

You can check the rates in this website, which allows you to check many currencies and its exchanging rates with fees included!

And remember, more than 200 countries enjoy this service, meaning that you will probably be able to send money to any country you want!