Does ZMA Increase Testosterone?

ZMA is a nutritional supplement mostly used by those in the world of lifting and exercise. But, does ZMA increase testosterone? Testosterone and muscle gain are heavily related. When it comes to body building in men (and even in women according to research) Testosterone plays its part as a ladder, supporting our system during the process.

But how does ZMA work and what does it do to our system and body?

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ZMA, supporter of biological processes.

ZMA is a supplement composed by a combination of zing, magnesium and Vitamin B-6, which are vital for our biological processes. ZMA works pretty similar to a well-done diet, which is enough to bring these components to our body. In fact, there are some research claiming that vitamins and proteins are best absorbed from eating food, yet, in some cases, this does not apply, since each body has its own ways of absorbing nutrients, thus, supplements are a nice alternative. Take in mind that the ZMA components cannot be found in foods thanks to the way the components are patented in the supplement, making it a great choice when it comes to choosing a nutritional supplement.

Zing, magnesium and Vitamin B-6 are heavily involved in metabolic processes of the body, playing an important role in protein synthesis. It also, according to athletes and sportsmen intaking the pill to increase their performance while exercising, claimed that it does actually increase Testosterone, which is pretty logical since Testosterone increases resistance while training.

When you are training, these 3 components are usually burned out faster, leading to a lacking of Zing, Magnesium and Vitamin B-6, which can cause problems or slower the process of increasing one’s endurance, resistance, muscle mass and physical capabilities. According to research, 70% of athletes suffered from a deficiency of the components used in ZMA.

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Testosterone brings a lot of beneficial traits to your body. It works as a natural anti-depressant, increases protein synthesis, and improves the development of muscles and the burning of fats. It also increases your energy levels overall, reduces the times of sleep, increases the rest you get from sleeping and improves your mood and sexual drive. Testosterone deficiency can lead to problems in men such as depression, lack of libido and energy overall, lack of concentration when it comes to mental and physical activities, and our capabilities to develop both strength and muscles is heavily reduced, thus, having a balanced amount of Testosterone, and slowly increasing this balanced amount is recommended.

According to research realized in both women and men, Testosterone works as an endurance supporter when doing exercises, weight lifting or practicing sports. It increases the person’s endurance to physical exhaustion and increases the amount of energy and physical effort one can manage to achieve.

How to take ZMA

To avoid Zing, Magnesium and Vitamin B-6 deficiency, experts recommend a 300-400 mg daily intake for active persons like athletes. This intake will help people practicing any type of sport, body builders with intense training regimes, people physically active and those lacking libido and wanting to increase their sexual activity.

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