Doterra Acne Review

DoTerra Acne review for those wondering whether this “natural” line of products is actually worth it or not.

Let’s talk about DoTerra just a little bit before talking about its products and properties. DoTerra, when talking about skin care oils, is one of the largest companies providing services and products for this particular industry. But it is also known for having some reputation issues, along with an industry known as Young Living Essential Oils, its rival and, ironically, its neighbor (Literally speaking)

A story of sues between these two neighboring companies resided in Utah, both located near one another, have revealed that their products may not be as natural as they claimed.

Research after the boom exploded lead to the discovery of synthetic components inside the oils sold by these two companies. Certainly, DoTerra’s reputation was hurt quite something after these discoveries, and they have been warned to remove natural property claims in their marketing.

With all the problems that could come with synthetic chemicals used for skin care products, precaution would be wise. Make sure to research products individually to check on possible problems that may have occurred with people using them before hand, or even better, talk with a dermatologist about the product you want to use since results will vary depending on each person.

Not everything is bad, though.

When people look for natural products, they are most certainly looking after natural ways to deal with a problem more than getting miraculous results from them. Thus, people become more open minded when talking about natural products and understand that results will likely to occur to certain standards, unlike chemical products which are expected to work as intended, and solve problems for sure. This doesn’t mean that DoTerra does not do its work. In fact, some doctors recommend to use it for some problems.

And one of those problems is acne.

Frankincense Oil.

DoTerra itself has not claimed that this particular product works with healthcare, yet experts recommend it to treat skin and even help with acne. As they believed, Frankincense Oil is believed to be a good choice to care for your skin, since it can tighten up your skin by improving its elasticity. It is also believed that this oil in particular can help reduce acne, prevent it and even reduce the chances of scars. Although it is not scientifically proved, people review this product positively claiming that it works wonders with your skin health.

But be careful whom you buy to!

Is it highly recommended to get products from DoTerra using DoTerra’s official website or through one of their official sales representatives. Why, you may ask? People have said that buying DoTerra’s products from third parties could lead to scamming in the form of diluted products, thus reducing its range of effectivity.

Product’s prices will depend greatly on each product. Meaning that one bottle of one particular oil could cost between $12 to $17, when the say amount of other type of oil could go as far as $40. Checking prices before buying is a must!