How To Make Penis Larger Naturally Without Pills

In this article we’ll examine how to make your penis bigger naturally without pills.

In men, there’s always a question regarding our little comrade down there. Can our sword become larger?

Is it possible to make our little Jhon bigger and stronger?

But wait! Before you start reading, let me tell you this: we are not fans of lying. Posts online that are way too good to be true tend to be just that, unrealistic fantasies from people wanting some visits on their websites.

Is it truly possible? es… But the benefits are, usually, a little disappointing. In some cases, the increasement in size is just temporary. But still, if you want to try it out, we are going to showcase some things that are (according to people online) capable of making your penis larger.

(To be honest, expecting results of these is not a wise thing to do, yet trying out won’t make you loose too much. Decide by your own criteria)

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No Magic Pills Necessary!

If you research a little online, or maybe did some research on your own already, you might find some natural supplements which are, supposedly, capable of making your penis larger. There are other types of products, like natural oils, that, when applied, will make your penis once again.

People online recommend using these products while undergoing an exercise regime which was created to increase the size of your penis

Naturally Increase In Size With Exercise

Ok so for real..How can you make your penis bigger naturally without using any sort of pills?’s the answer:

There are also some exercises which (apparently) can increase the size of your penis. One includes massaging your penis from bottom to top to stretch the skin and internal tissues, eventually increasing the size of your penis. Other is one known as jelqing, which can increase the size of your penis in the long run.


The thing about penis enlarging is that there’s no scientific facts proving that you can make your penis larger with any kind of product or exercise. There’s no evidence whatsoever proving that natural supplements or exercises have worked in the past, yet people (mostly online) says that it does indeed work, although the benefits weren’t that awesome.

Experts have claimed that supposed size increase in men penises when trying this out was related to other factors, including psychological elements in which people tend to associate hard work to results as a way to prove that their efforts were indeed fruitful.

In fact, there are cases in which men have injured or damaged their penises and tissues while doing these exercises. Some have had problems with natural supplements, too. So, experts do not recommend to try these out. Instead, they recommend men to accept their genitals as they are and improve in other areas such as self confidence or knowledge about sexual intercourse. Many men worry about the size of their penises not knowing that women are more sensible to fore play than the size of the penis. In fact, women tend to have more pleasure if you take things slowly and patiently discover what she likes, the exploit that discovery.

Like my grandpa used to say: “Men are like light bulbs, they turn on easily but have their limits. Women are like iron planks. They can burn to far away our limits. You just need to be patient and let them heat”

Best Way to Get Bigger?

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Hope this article has been helpful to you in terms of how to make your penis larger without pills naturally. We sure did give you a lot of info. So be sure to look it back over again and good luck!