Juul Is Not Hitting

“Help! My Juul is not hitting!” or at least, that’s what we’d like to believe that you shouted at loud when you first realized that your Juul is not hitting.

Just relax though. It’s all good. Your Juul not hitting is no reason to panic. It’s actually a very common problem, often with a fairly simple solution as well, and lucky for you, we’re here to help you solve your Juul problem.

Is Your Juul No Longer Making Clouds?

A common problem with most Juul is that they’re no longer working and don’t make clouds anymore. Or, sometimes, they make clouds, but just not enough to hit the spot, or to speak.

Fixing that is very easy.

Improper wirings inside can cause the Juul to not work properly. You may want to take a look at where the cartridge or pod feeds into the battery unit and work from there. If it has some loose connections, then making them more stable is usually enough to fix the problem. However, if the insides are dirty or dusty, you might want to clean it first before putting it back. You can soak a cotton swab lightly in isopropyl alcohol to clean it.

A clean cartridge or food ensures that Juul Pod works as it should.

If it’s still not working, there is a chance that your pod has air bubbles. If this is the case, take your Juul apart, take the cartridge and slowly but gently tap them on something solid to clear out the blockage and bring your Juul back to working condition.

Checking for a Leak

Another common problem that you might want to check with your Juul is if it’s leaking.

While it’s perfectly natural for some of the liquid from your Juul Pod to leak inside, too much of that stuff can cause some serious damage.

One good way of making sure that this doesn’t happen is to avoid taking deeper draws than your Juul vaporizer can process at once. If you change the way you smoke and take shorter pulls can ensure that the Juul vaporizer can keep up.

Your way of handling Juul cartridges can also cause a problem. Most people bite on the end using their teeth to grip the device on their mouth. That’s actually a bad idea. Biting can cause leaks, mostly via a puncture in the cartridge. You also need to pay close attention when you handle the pods and install them into the battery. Be careful about playing pressure. Too much and it can cause a leak.

If your Juul is not hitting well and leaking, you may want to consider replacing the Juul cartridge entirely.

Basically, these are basic tips to help you fix your Juul before you start panicking and contacting customer support. As you can see, these quick fixes don’t need a lot of technical knowledge. You’ll also only mostly need materials that you can easily find at home.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you solve your problem and allowed you to start enjoying your favourite Juul flavours in no time.