Nvidia 1050 TI vs 1060 Review

If we talk about graphic cards, they are usually made to target certain buyers. This is the case when we talk about both the 1050 TI and the 1060, yet, are there any difference when it comes to both GPU’s? Today we bring a comparison between the 1050 TI vs 1060 to discuss both graphic cards advantages and disadvantages.

First, let’s talk about the GTX 1050 TI. This GPU was released with the purpose of being more budget friendly towards users, costing around $155 and has 4GB GDDR5. This graphic card was (in counterpart to the GTX 1060) aimed to target most games to run at 1080p with regular to high settings. Is it possible to run most newer games at this resolution and smooth FPS if you carefully tweak its settings. It is also cheaper than the GTX 1060, which costs between $240 to $260. The selling point of the GTX 1050 TI is that it is capable of surpassing the graphics of the PS4 and running games more smoothly in most cases. As said before, lots of games are capable of running more than 60 FPS in 1080p at high settings, but some games are capable of going up to 50 FPS at higher settings, without really sacrificing some important settings. This is not the case for most games, though, since you might encounter around 40 FPS if you try to run games like the Witcher III in higher settings when playing at 1080p.

In comparison, the GTX 1060 was created to aim a perfect 60 FPS (Or more) in most games at ultra-settings when playing at 1080p. Its cost is far more expensive, though, costing around $240 to $270, yet, many have claimed that the GTX 1060 can compare the performance of the famous GTX 980 TI, which is also more expensive, costing around $400.

According to some users, if you have to decide which one you should buy, you have to have your goals well set. If you are ok with playing games at 1080 with high settings, and sacrificing some graphics setting such as reducing the shadow’s or texture’s quality, go for the GTX1050 TI, you won’t only be saving some money which you can use to improve some other parts of your gear, but you won’t feel like you spent too much money in a difference of 15 to 30 FPS and higher settings.

Now. If you really want to enjoy games as they are meant to be played and think that saving a little more money for better performance is reasonable, go for the GTX 1060. With a difference of $70, saving a little more for better settings and graphics, and even more FPS, is not that unreasonable.

It all comes to which graphic card suits your needs the most. Either way you’ll be able to play recent games at a pretty decent setting and still enjoy them without worrying about possible crashes because of lower FPS or problems with the graphic card. Also, if you are thinking of buying an used graphic card, try to consider that many of the used graphic cards out there may have been used for mining, thus reducing the GPU’s life spawn.