Nvidia 1050 TI vs 750 TI Review

Today we bring a fair comparison between the Nvidia 1050 TI vs 750 TI. We will compare prices, gamma, performance when talking about FPS in games and whether these graphic cards suit your needs. We will also talk about other graphic cards to compare them in price and performance, too.

When you are about to pick which graphic card to use, it all comes down to the specs of your PC and what you are expecting to get from the GPU. Graphic cards are categorized in difference gammas: low, medium and high tier gammas. The GTX 1050 TI is categorized as a medium gamma graphic card since it can properly run most games at decent settings, yet the GTX 750 TI is a categorized as a low-medium tiered graphic card.

The GTX 1050 TI posses 4GB GDDR5 of video ram while the GTX 750 TI possess 2GB GDDR5 of video ram. The difference in price is not that wide, though, considering that the 1050 TI costs around $155 to $170 while the 750 TI costs around $110. Although the GTX 750 TI was released on 2014 and the 1050 TI was released two years later, in 2016, users claim that the differences in FPS, speed and performance were not that surprising.

The GTX 750 TI is capable of running games at 1080p, yet you will have to sacrifice a lot of graphic features to reach decent FPS. At ultra-settings when playing games at 1080p, the GTX 750 performs poorly, so its not recommended for people who’s looking to play new games at these settings.

When we talk about the GTX 1050 TI, we talk about an accessible graphic card capable of running some games at 1080p in ultra-settings, but in most cases, it is unable to reach 60 FPS. It will reach an acceptable 40 to 50 FPS in some cases, but to reach 60 FPs you will have to configurate the graphic settings and sacrifice some features like shadows and texture quality. You can play games at high-settings though, reaching acceptable FPS in where you will be able to enjoy the game.

If you are thinking on playing games at 1080p at ultra-settings, neither of these cards is for you. If you are more into casual gaming or enjoying games at decent graphic settings, you may pick one of these as well.

We recommended checking the GTX 980, the GTX 1060 and GTX 1070 TI for more power when and speed when it comes to FPS in games. Although the GTX 980 is far more expensive, if you can find it around $300, it will be a nice investment. Same with the other graphic cards.

Now, considering that the GTX 750 TI is cheaper in comparison to the GTX 1050 TI by only $40 to $50, saving a little more for the GTX 1050 TI is a wise thing to do. Considerate the fact that you’ll get more FPS in games (Around 30 to 40% more FPS in most games) and the GTX 1050 TI is newer, meaning that it has better drivers for newer games, this will prove to be a nice investment.