Nvidia 1050 TI vs 960 Review

Today web ring a comparison between to GPU’s of the GTX series, a Nvidia 1050 TI vs 960 comparison. We all know the 900’s series, which for some people was (And still is) among the best graphic cards you can get around, but people mostly talk about the GTX 970 and GTX 980 series. When it comes to comparing the newer GTX 1050 TI, the 1060, 1070 (And 1070 TI) to the 1080, the GTX 960 lacks what it’s needed to enter their level of performance, yet the differences between the GTX 1050 TI and the GTX 960 are not that big.

The Nvidia GTX 1050 TI was released on 2016 while the GTX 960 was released on 2015. While the GTX 1050 TI has 4GB GDDR5 of video ram, the 960 has 2GB GDDR5 of video ram. According to users, the performance per price ratio of the GTX 1050 TI is better than the GTX 960 since the first one costs around $155 while the second one costs around $200.

Consider that the GTX 960 is an older GPU. Although it is a little faster than the GTX 1050 TI, it only outperforms it by a poor amount of 2% when it comes to speed. When we talk about FPS, according to benchmarks, the GTX 960 outperforms the GTX 1050 TI by only 3 to 5%, depending on the game. The differences in price considering how thin the difference is when it comes to performance is not really worth it, so you should definitely get the GTX 1050 TI.

It would be different if you were comparing the GTX 1050 TI to the GTX 970 and GTX 980 which in fact are faster and better, yet a little pricey.

Now, consider the GTX 960 is older. This means that driver optimization when it comes to new games is obsolete. This gives the GTX 1050 TI more advantage when talking about running new games.

The difference in FPS, as we said earlier, is not that big. The GTX 970 performs a little better yet the difference is minor: around 1 to 8 FPS when it comes to games like GTA V, Players Uknown Battle Grounds, Overwatch, Fortnite, The Witcher III, Battlefield I and IV.

Take in mind that these perimeters where made while running games at 1080p with maxed out settings. Both graphic cards where not designed to run new games at these settings so they lack stable FPS, running most of them between 40 to 50 FPS. Still, you might be able to enjoy games at 1080p with ultra-ultra-settings if you sacrifice some graphic features. You may also run games at 1080p in high or normal-settings at a decent FPS rate, too.

If you want to run games smoother with better graphics, you should check out the GTX 970 and 980, or the GTX 1060, GTX 1070 and 1070 TI or even the GTX 1080, which are far more expensive but are able to run games at both 1080p with maxed-settings and some can even run games at 4K.