Nvidia 1050 TI vs 970 Review

When we talk about the 900 series, lots of users claimed that, although they were expensive, they were really good GPU’s. But what about a comparison of Nvdia 1050 TI vs 970 series? They are both good GPU’s but they both target different customers since their performances are different when it comes to games at 1080p on ultra-settings. Both graphic cards are unable to run games at 4K though, so consider this when choosing which one fits your needs the most.

When we talk about the GTX 970 series, we talk about good performance. This graphic card, although old, had been choose by users as a nice graphic card that remained capable of running games for about 4 years, since it was released on 2014, in difference to the GTX 1050 TI which was released on 2016. Now, the difference in prices is wide with the GTX 970 costing up to $350 to $370 while the GTX 1050 TI costs around $140 to $170.  You may find a nice deal with a GTX 970 in $300 or below, but it will probably be a used GPU.

They both have 4GB GDDR5 of video ram yet the GTX 970 counts with the Maxwell architecture while the GTX 1050 runs with the Pascal architecture.

Although the GTX 1050 TI is a cheap graphic card, aiming for those wanting a medium gamma GPU, if you are thinking on playing games at 1080p with ultra-settings, this graphic card may not be for you. This is due the fact that the GTX 1050 TI can run 1080p games at ultra-settings but at reduced FPS, going around 40 to 50 FPS. You may be able to get some games running at 60 FPS at ultra-settings but you will have to sacrifice some specs to get this far. As mentioned earlier, this graphic card was designed to play most games at 1080p but at reduced settings. Still, you can easily run most games at 1080p using high settings, but it heavily depends on the game.

The GTX 970, in the other hand, is capable of running most recent games at 1080p in ultra-settings, yet is uncapable of running them at 4K. If you consider the differences in prices, and what you are aiming to get, they both are good choices. Some claims that, although being a little more expensive, the GTX 970 and the GTX 980 are better choices than the GTX 1060 and the GTX 1070. This may be true, but consider the fact that the GTX 1050, 1060 and 1070 are newer graphic cards with best drivers when it comes to optimization of newer games.

Now, going back to the GTX 1050 TI vs GTX 970, the differences in FPS while running games at 1080 FPS at ultra-settings can be overwhelming, but it all depends in the game. For example, when playing GTA V at the mentioned settings, the GTX 970 outperforms the GTX 1050 TI running the game with 53 FPS, while the GTX 1050 TI runs it at 40 FPS. Difference is not that big, but when we talk about Fortnite, the GTX 970 is capable of running it at 94 FPS while the GTX 1050 TI only goes around 65 FPS.