Nvidia 1050 TI vs GTX 970 Review

Among many users online, the GTX 900’s series was legendary. It did not only worked decently for several years later in some cases, but remained as the favorite for many users. The GTX 1000’s series, even while newer, couldn’t compare with the GTX 900’s series. Thus, today we bring a comparison between the Nvidia 1050 TI vs GTX 970.

The famous GTX 970 was released in 2014 and costed by now you may be able to find it between $300 to $370. It posses 4GB GDDR5 video ram and, according to many users out there, the GTX 1060 and the GTX 1070 step between the GTX 970 and GTX 980, fighting hand to hand when it comes to performance.

When we talk about the GTX 1050 TI, we talk about an affordable GPU targeting those who are not into playing games at 1080p in ultra-settings. This is an important thing to consider since the GTX 1050 TI was not developed to run new games at 60 FPS in 1080p at ultra-settings, but at high settings. You may be able to reach 60 FPS, but by sacrificing some features in most cases.

In the other hand, the GTX 970 is capable of running most games way smoother, reaching 60 FPS at 1080p in ultra-settings, like the 1070 TI. The GTX 970, although more expensive than the GTX 1050 TI, is capable of this, yet incapable of running games at 4K.

Now, according to many users and benchmarks out there, the GTX 970 outperforms the GTX 1050 TI by a at least 20%, getting up to 30% in some cases.

When it all comes to performance, the GTX 970, although being older, is overall better than the GTX 1050 TI. In the speed rank of benchmarks, the GTX 970 sits in the 44th place while the 1050 TI sits in the 71st place. This marks the wide difference between both GPU’s.

But let’s go down to business and talk about game performance. In Fortnite, the famous Epic Games third person shooter designed in a Battle Royale model, the GTX 970 reaches up to 94 FPS while the 1050 TI runs it at 69 FPS (All of this at 1080p in ultra-settings) according to benchmarks. They both run them decently enough, yet, in games like Battlefield I and Battlefield IV, the GTX 970 outperforms the GTX 1080 by a wide gap, running it at 62 to 94 FPS, respectively, while the GTX 1080 runs Battlefield I at 45 FPS and Battlefield IV at 55 FPS. The same happens with PUBG, a well-known Battle Royale shooter for its bad optimization. The GTX 970 runs it at 62 FPS while the 1050 TI runs it at 42 FPS.

Differences in FPS go from 20% to 50% in many games. Taking this in mind, you have to think which one suits your needs the most, and of course, your budget. If you are willing to play games at 1080p with high-settings, sacrificing some features, go with the 1050 TI, but if you want more quality when it comes to graphics, go for the GTX 970.