Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction By Massaging

Erectile dysfunction (also known as ED) is something that’s far more common that people think, and looking for a way to deal with it is nothing to be ashamed of, so here we go: A remedy for erectile dysfunction by massaging, which actually works if you don’t require medication and treatment.

But first, we have to decide whether you are suffering from something situational or permanent. For this, it is recommended to check yourself with a doctor and talk about your symptoms as honestly as possible. Finding out what’s the cause behind your ED and making sure that you have the symptoms of permanent ED or not is crucial to solve it.

Don’t be scared of talking it out with both your partner and your doctor if you want to seek help to fix things for sure.

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Improving your life-style.

Of course, your life-style plays a huge roll, since it can be both the cause and what you will need to change in order to fix it. ED is usually related to stress, weight and quitting smoking. And these will improve your performance and sexual health.

That doesn’t mean that this will always solve your problem, since it may depend on how your ED works, but they are surely going to help you in this manner.

Take in mind that there are several ways to treat erectile dysfunction, and each target different causes behind it.

  • Surgery
  • Penis pumps and implants
  • Medication

These modern solutions are usually done by people with strong erectile dysfunction, meaning that they can’t, and haven’t been able to maintain erections for years. If this is not your case, and you only go through it a couple of times, or sometimes through weeks, maybe you should look for a more reasonable way to fix it without spending too much time or money on it.

And your answer may be treating it with massages!

In fact, before having these solutions, prostatic massage was the way to go. It used to be the only way to ease your ED, and you can even combine with other treatments. Many people do it even today, and that shows how reliable this treatment is.

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How does it work?

Prostatic massage helps men with erectile dysfunction by not only clearing the prostatic duct, but by increasing one’s blood flow, interrupt infections and eliminating fluids that are stuck within the zone. Studies, even when there are few, have revealed that it does indeed improve ED, since men who have undergone this treatment have found improvements in their sex life.

Sadly, these studies have been quite few and there are no solid ways to measure if the treatment works for sure, but lots of men have said that they indeed witnessed its results.

You can always undergo this treatment as an alternative while receiving some other type of treatment, but beware, it is not recommended to do it by yourself. Although it may work in some cases, professionals recommend to hire a specialist in prostatic massage, specifically trained to bring results with the treatment. A general massage professional may not be enough, since they are not specifically trained for such treatment.

Also, understand that undergoing this treatment can be something that will be done for quite some time, since the results may vary depending on each person. Usually, going through it a couple of times during the year would be enough, but you can always consult this with a specialist.

We highly recommend you to do so, and discuss this with both your partner and your doctor!

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