RX 540 vs 1070 Ti Review

Today we bring a pretty unfair comparison between the Rx 540 vs 1070 TI. The reason I say unfair is that, when compared, the GTX 1070 TI greatly outperforms the RX 540 by way too much.

Firstly, the RX 540 was released for laptops. It was made targeting gamers and counts with 4GB GDDR5 video ram with a 6 GHz frequency, and with an interface of 126 Bit it counts with 96GB/s bandwidth.

Now, as I researched to make a comparison, I noticed that the RX 540 is positioned in the place number 197 in a rank of GPU’s, in where the GTX 1070 TI is placed far above, in the 15th position.

This is kind of an opening on how this comparison is going to turn out.

The GTX 1070 TI offers 8GB GDDR5 video ram with 8.01 GHz of frequency. With an interface of 256 Bit it possesses a bandwidth of 256.3GB/s.

The energy consumption of the RX 540 is 65W while the GTX 1070 TI needs 180W to work properly.

Overall, the GTX 1070 TI surpasses the RX 540 by quite a lot, but we are now to showcases some of the features of each one and compared them to understand how the GTX 1070 TI outperforms the RX 540.

Firstly, the RX 540 uses a Polaris architecture while the GTX 1070 uses Pascal, which is more advanced.

The transistor counts of the 1070 TI are 7,200 million, compared to the 540 which has 1,500 million, the difference is huge. Its texture fill ratio goes like this:  202.0 GTexel/S for the 1070 TI and 39.01 for the 540.

Also, consider that you can use HDMI, DVI and use 3 monitors when using the 1070 TI.

In some forums, a fair amount showcasing how better the 1070 TI is to the RX 540, people claimed that it was 300% better. That’s a huge advantage, but there are some things to consider: Games.

In games, the speed and performance of the GPU’s is decided by how well it processes graphics and how much FPS they can achieve (FPS stands for Frames Per Second)

When playing Fornite, the FPS ratio between each graphic card goes like this:

At low 720p, the 1070 TI achieves 282 FPS, while the 540 achieves only 89 FPS.

At medium 1080p, the 1070 TI achieves 256 FPS while the 540 only achieves 22 FPS.

At high, 1080, the 1070 TI achieves 175 FPs while the 540 reaches 13 FPS.

That’s critic FPS when playing video games. A good saying says that, if you can play a game in low at 30 FPS, you are good to go. Below that, you are crushing your pc.

When playing games like PUBG, Overwatch, GTV 5, League of Legends and Counter Strike Global Offensive, the 1070 TI outperforms greatly the 540’s performance by at least 250%.

Consider this if you want to decide which one is better, but at this point, the decision should be more than clear.