RX 570 vs 1050 TI Review

When comparing GPU’s, there are certain factors which one should take in mind, like prices, performance, availability and our one self needs. Considering this, we bring a comparison between the RX 570 vs 1050 TI to discuss which one fits your needs the most.

The RX 570 is part of the AMD graphic cards series, and it counts with 4GB GDDR5 of vide ram. Its costs vary around $160, in comparison to the 1050 TI which costs around $155 to $170 and has the same values when talking abut video ram. Yet, the differences between both graphic cards can be fairly noticed if you decided to research a little bit: according to users, the RX 570 is better than the 1050 TI when we talk about speed and performance. But how much faster? This all depends on what type of comparison you decide to make, but, since these graphic cards where mainly designed for gaming, we will talk about gaming.

Now, if we talk about the GTX 1050 TI, we talk about a medium-tiered graphic card. It is capable of reaching decent FPS when playing games at 1080p at high-settings, but it lacks speed and strength when it comes to ultra-settings. We are not saying that is it impossible to play games at ultra-settings, but you’ll get lower FPS than recommended, around 40 to 50 FPS. In some cases, you’ll be able to reach 60 FPS but you will have to sacrifice some graphic features and characteristics to do so.

In the other hand, the RX 570 is capable of playing games at 1080p at ultra-settings, with one to two little exceptions. In fact, the RX 570 is more comparable to the GTX 1060/GTX 1060 TI when it comes to performance in games and speed.

Getting back to the RX 570 vs GTX 1050 TI, the differences in FPS and speed, according to users and benchmarks, is around 15 to 20%. When playing games, the RX 570 outperforms the 1050 TI by 15 to 30 FPS, depending in the game.

In the case of GTV, there’s no difference since both graphic cards run them at 45 FPS, but if we talk about Blizzard’s famous game: Overwatch, the RX 570 surpasses the GTX 1050 TI by 30 FPS, running it at 93 FPS while the Nvidia graphic card runs it at 73 FPS. They both do it fairly decent, but the GTX 1050 TI suffers at newer games like The Witcher III, Battlefield I and IV, and PUBG. At Fortnite, there’s a small difference between both graphic cards, by as little as 10 FPS, with the RX 570 outperforming the GTX 1050 TI running it at 80 FPS, as the latest runs it at 70 FPS.

Now, with all this said, if you are thinking on playing games at 1080p with lower settings then the GTX 1050 TI is for you, but considering the difference in prices, I’d go for the RX 570 since it’s better for some games and is capable of being equal to the GTX 1060 (and even outperforming it by 5% in some games)