What Does Ipad Unlocked Mean?

If you ever visit a site online and wanted to buy an iPad, but the word “unlocked” popped out very constantly, this post is for you. But what does iPad unlocked mean?

It all comes down to one thing: Wireless mobile connectivity data (Also known as 3G or 4G + LTE)

This type of data is usually provided by a carrier, which may vary depending on your country. US have little variety when UK has lots of carriers. All carriers vary in prices, effectivity and range of data plans, but they all provide the same service: giving your iPad wireless internet connection.

Now, what does unlocked mean?

It means that it can be used with any carrier out there (as long as the frequency of the iPad and the provided frequency are compatible)

There used to be a time where devices where locked to certain carriers, meaning that you could only use these devices if you used the locked provider.

An unlocked device is free to decide which provider to use, leaving the owner free to choose between different wireless mobile data providers.

But, in order to avoid disappointment, research is needed. Normally, each device has its own frequency: meaning that you will have to research whether the provider you want to use is compatible with the device you are getting.

Also, take in mind that each generation of iPad has its own properties and features so researching them beforehand is highly recommended.

If you are wondering whether you should buy a locked or unlocked iPad, you should really consider it only if you have a wireless internet provider in mind that is not inside the list of usable providers for locked iPads.

Meaning that you should get a locked iPad if you don’t mind using any provider, or an unlocked iPad if you want the freedom to choose which one to use.

Also, before buying any of those we would recommend you to do this:

  • First, research the model you want.
  • Then, look out for internet providers in your country.
  • Pick one of the providers then check if that provider is compatible with the model you picked beforehand.

When the 3rd gen of iPad was released, there was a problem in some countries where the iPad could not use 4G, and instead, was only capable of getting 3G. This was because of the incompatibility with the providers of those countries. It even led to some legal problems for Apple, so researching before making a choice is a must!

If you can get to talk with the person/store selling the iPad, even if you are going to buy it online, try to ask these questions before buying it.

You can avoid disappointment by being wary and making questions. Researching in internet is quite simple, too, so doing a little bit of research will make your buy safer than ever.

If possible, try to call many wireless internet providers and ask them if the model you are going to buy is compatible with their services!