Where Can I Buy Stamps in NYC?

Are you looking for a definitive answer to where can I buy stamps in NYC? You are perhaps aware that you can buy stamps online and you can look for them at retail stores. However, you would want to know specific places with addresses and perhaps phone numbers so you can be sure. You can always walk to your nearest post office and buy any stamp you need. You can buy stamps on the official USPS website. You can also head to your nearest Target, Costco, Staples or other major stores. You should know that US Bank and Wells Fargo among others also sell stamps. You can also buy stamps from FedEx and UPS. Pharmacies usually sell stamps, so do neighborhood stores and gas stations. This guide focuses on USPS, UPS, Target, Costco and Staples locations.

  • Let us begin with the USPS locations where you can buy stamps in NYC. You can go to 421 Eighth Ave, 4 E 27th St, 23 W 43rd St, 335 E 14th St, 128 E Broadway, 350 Canal St #2A, 127 W 83rd St, 217 E 70th St, 229 E 85th St, 217 W 18th St, 27 W 60th St, 610 5th Ave conc1, 909 3rd Ave Ofc, 2266 5th Ave, 223 W 38th St, 90 Church St, 450 Lexington Ave Fl 2, 527 Hudson St Frnt A, 322 W 52nd St or 201 Varick St Frnt 1.
  •  You could go to the Target store at 517 E 117th St #201 or 255 Greenwich St. Costco at 517 E 117th St sells stamps. You can buy stamps at Staples on 5 Union Square W, 1280 Lexington Ave, 16 E 34th St, 2248 Broadway, 330 7th Ave, 500 Eighth Avenue, 800 3rd Ave, 641 6th Ave, 315 Park Ave S, 1257 2nd Ave, 776 8th Ave, 442 5th Ave, 4320 Broadway, 1755 Broadway, 105 W 125th St, 16 E 34th St, 390 6th Ave, 769 Broadway, 675 3rd Ave or 217 Broadway.
  •  You can go to your nearest UPS store at 1 Pennsylvania Plaza, 82 Nassau St, 208 E 51st St, 14 Murray Street, 888-C 8th Ave, 130 7th Ave, 34 3rd Ave, 105 E 34th St, 1397 2nd Ave, 121 W 36th St, 243 5th Ave, 101 W 23rd St, 9 E 8th St, 480 6th Ave, 1632 1st Avenue, 2753 Broadway, 119 W 72nd St, 163 Amsterdam Ave, 132 E 43rd St or 527 3rd Ave.