Where Can I Buy Stamps?

This article will answer the question, where can I buy stamps? There was a time, not too long ago, when people had stamps at home and office. Some neighborhood stores also maintained an inventory of different types of stamps. This is no longer the case. Email has become the default substitute of letter. The only times when you will need stamps are if you have to send a postcard and if you have to mail or ship something. Postage still requires stamps and there are different kinds.

  • If you are wondering where you can buy stamps then the most obvious answer is the United States Postal Service. You can head to your nearest post office and you shall find most types of stamps. Some rare stamps may not be available but you can always get them online. You can also buy stamps at the official USPS website. Visit www.usps.com, buy as few or as many stamps you need and get them delivered to your home or office. The United States Postal Service is not the sole seller of stamps in the country. There are alternatives. Here is a comprehensive list of where you can buy stamps.
  • Walmart sells stamps. Regardless of where you live, it is unlikely there is no Walmart near you and if there is one then it is very likely you will find stamps at the store. Walmart sells a plethora of goods and you can stock up on paper, envelopes, wrapping materials and other essentials that you may need. It is obviously a one stop shop for many ordinary and some extraordinary items.
  • You can buy stamps at banks. Unlike a Walmart, a bank will not be open all day and you would have to be there during their business hours. However, given the abundance of banks all around the country, it is quite a convenient option for most people. You may anyway have a plan to visit your bank for some purpose. You can always stock up on some stamps. It should be noted that banks do not deal in other items that you may need to post a letter or card.
  • You can buy stamps at gas stations. It is even simpler to stop by a gas station than visit a bank or even a Walmart. Gas stations are open all day and many operate round the clock but you will not find stamps everywhere. It is difficult to say if a certain gas station near your home or office sells stamps. You would have to check to be sure.
  • Pharmacies often sell stamps. They are like gas stations. There is no guarantee a particular pharmacy will have stamps to sell but many are often round the clock and some like Walgreens, CVS and RiteAid do sell stamps. These three pharmacies usually have all types of stamps.
  • You would not expect ATMs to sell anything, especially those hooked up alongside buildings or roadside installations. Some of the new ATMs have stamps. They are mostly along the west coast. You cannot be certain if an ATM you are planning to check out will have stamps. Even if you have bought stamps at an ATM before, there is no guarantee of availability the next time you go to buy.
  • Whether you are employed or own a business, you are likely to have access to vendor who is responsible for all or most of your office supplies. These vendors can provide you the stamps you need. You can always make a personal request to a vendor, in case you are employed and have no direct contract with the office supplies company, and pay out of your own pocket.
  • Grocery stores sell stamps but it is not a guarantee that you will find some at the nearest one. Major grocery stores are more likely to have stamps and they may have all the types. In case you live at a place where there are no major grocery stores, then you can place an order and the neighborhood store will fetch the stamps for you.
  • You can buy stamps on Amazon. You will not be able to buy one stamp or even a few. You must buy a sheet of stamps or more. The shopping experience is convenient and if the order is substantial then you may even get free shipping.

The costs of various types of stamps are unlikely to change whether you buy them at Walmart or at a bank, at a gas station or a pharmacy, at an ATM or grocery store, on Amazon or at USPS. What should matter is whether or not an option is convenient for you and you can manage to find the stamp you need. There may be some nominal difference in prices but that should not be a problem unless you are buying too many. If you are buying plenty of stamps, then you are anyway going to consider a sheet or more, which may turn out to be cheaper on the basis of per unit cost.