Why Does Coffee Cause Heartburn?

Millions of people share something in particular. A ritual that is done just after waking up: getting yourself a nice cup of coffee. But for some people, this leads to one single question: Why does coffee cause heartburn? As drinking coffee may lead to a punishment for both you and your stomach.

A good cup of coffee is what we all need to stay sharp early in the morning. That bittersweet yet nostalgic taste along the energy to do things for real is what make us drink coffee as soon as we wake up, but have you ever considered that drinking coffee so early in the morning might not be the right choice?

Today, we will explain you why coffee may have become the source of your discomfort, and how you can easily fix it.

Did you know that coffee is more effective after 10 a.m.?

This fact may have been a shock for you, but in fact, due to the stomach’s state after waking up, it is actually better to drink coffee after 10 a.m.

There are several reasons behind this, but to summarize it: our stomachs need time to realize several complex processes in what coffee will act as a harmful substance, and our body will naturally try to resist it. The result: that disgusting heartburn ruining our day.


It is scientifically proven that our stomachs are fully prepared after 10 a.m. for a good cup of coffee. Not only that, but its effects will be fairly more effective! You won’t have to say goodbye to coffee if you try this out!

Drinking coffee with an empty stomach is a no-no!

Some people are used to drinking coffee before breakfast, or even during it. What people don’t know is that this is actually pretty harmful to the stomach, since coffee is a rather strong drink that may damage your stomach in the long run without proper care. The stomach walls can even turn irritated if we don’t eat something to relieve the effects that the coffee may cause in our stomachs so early in the morning. It can even contribute to the apparition of gastritis!

To reduce or even avoid heartburn, is recommended to try things out.

  • Try this routine for one week and check if its successful: start drinking coffee after 10 a.m., and make sure to do it after eating a nice breakfast.
  • Reduce the coffee intake if you feel like you are drinking too much coffee.
  • Make sure to not drink coffee before sleeping, as it may be even more harmful than drinking it in the early morning.

If you find that these are not working, you may have an allergy to the coffee itself. You may want to visit a doctor just in case!

Wanting to be healthier is an option, too, so we give you several choices to replace coffee, and we assure you that they will give you the energy you need in the mornings to keep on trying your best!

  • Cocoa
  • Handmade natural juices and energy shakes
  • Cereal coffee
  • Tea