Will Hookah Get You High

Whenever people smoke, the top question is will it get you high, in this case will hookah get you high in 2018? The answer is yes and no. For those who are not used to hookah and nicotine, you may feel a slight buzz but you will not be physically high. Nicotine effects everyone differently and there are a few factors that would be taken into consideration when you smoke hookah if you are going to feel a buzz. Most of the time you are just feeling a sense of peace and serenity.

Hookah History

Hookah has been around for over 500 years. It is not anything new but has become increasingly popular in bars, colleges, and places where young adults are located. Hookah dates back to the 5th century in India. This is when the Indian Glass manufacturing began. The base of the hookah was called Shisha. People in Iran began to use a strong tobacco with their hookahs. It was called Ajami. Hookah was smoked after royal dinners and even diplomatic meetings.

Know What You Are Smoking

It is important to realize what you are smoking when you are smoking hookah. Hookah uses a very moist and sticky tobacco called shisha. Shisha is a tobacco that has been soaked in honey, molasses, or many other flavors.

How Hookah Makes You Feel

Many people smoke hookah because of the yummy flavors and the smell. People who smoke hookah describe feeling relaxed and at peace during smoking. The most people feel who smoke hookah is a slight light-headedness or a buzz. However, you will not be high like marijuana. Most of the time those who smoke hookah feel relaxed. It all depends on how much they are smoking and if they regularly smoke with nicotine.

Those who smoke hookah will experience a sense of peace and relaxation but it will not be a high such as marijuana. Marijuana will cause extreme effects where a hookah is more of a nicotine buzz rather than anything else.

Is Hookah Good for You

Hookah tastes good but it is not good for you. Many people believe that a hookah is not as bad as cigarettes. However, that is not the case, a single session of smoking hookah can leave your lungs with 1 and 50 cigarettes worth of toxins. Hookah can actually be worse than cigarettes due to the fact that it is also addicting.

Not only are hookahs not better than cigarettes, they are notorious for spreading germs. In this case sharing is not caring. When you go to smoke hookah always use the mouth tip provided. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention many infectious diseases can be transferred by sharing a hookah. If you do not receive mouth tips when you arrive at your table, ask for them!

When smoking hookah, you can expect dull skin, yellow teeth, limp hair, and even gum disease. Hookah is no better than cigarettes and can actually leave more toxins in your body than a normal cigarette.